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From the beginning

Xarkis is an NGO based in Cyprus with over seven years of experience in the fields of contemporary art, culture, heritage and education.

Working for and with communities, Xarkis involves people from diverse backgrounds using participatory and socially engaged design methodologies.

It is nomadic and travels across different communities in rural and urban contexts. In CONTESTED DESIRES Xarkis is leading the communications and will also be collaborating under Xarkis Festival, which roams rural mountainous villages and assumes its shape through the residency program which precedes it. In this context, artists in residence come together in a communal environment, to work with local and former residents of a selected rural area and collaborate on their practise based inquiries, in ways that make use of the skills, desires and resources of persons and locations in the region. 

Christina Skarpari

Founder of Xarkis, Communications Leader and Festival Coordinator for Contested Desires.

Argyro Toumazou

Independent Cultural Producer and Local Coordinator for Contested Desires.

Valentin Musteata & Lia Hartoutsiou

Coordinators in Xarkis NGO. Responsible for the design and maintenance of the Contested Desires website, on behalf of Xarkis.


The Cultural Services of the Ministry of Culture and Education in Cyprus

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