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Rugas da História; Fendas na Paisagem


Project Introduction: Memories and narratives are built by the winners of history. How do these narratives shape our identities? How historical legacy shapes who we are? How our context and heritage leave a mark in our communities?


Rugas da História Fendas na Paisagem is an interactive visual installation that creates a skin image, with its wrinkles and some rifts. It explores the colors and textures we are made of. It merges our past and our present; our heritage, surroundings, nature, culture and the visitors' contribution. A skin image always changing, always new, that reflects our complexities and diversity.


Rugas da História Fendas na Paisagem was created during a joint artist residency between February - March 2020 at the LAC studios with Akeelah Bertram (UK), Anna Carreras (Spain) and Stelios Kallinikou (Cyprus). LAC, a partner on the CONTESTED DESIRES programme, is based in Lagos, a town in the Algarve region of southern Portugal. The residency followed and responded to ‘Heritage vs. Culture’, the first capacity building workshop of the CONTESTED DESIRES programme that reflected on the colonial legacies of Lagos and how we, as artists, activists and citizens engage with the past that has created the world in which we live.


Biography : Anna Carreras is a creative coder and digital artist based in Barcelona. Anna’s practice and research is focused on code, generative systems and interaction. Anna is interested in the complexity that emerges from small simple behaviors or from the balance between order and chaos. Anna tries to capture the diversity and richness of complexity working with generative algorithms and visuals. Anna’s interest lies in using generative graphics and interaction as a communicative instrument. They are a means of creating new experiences and narrative proposals. Merging art and technology, Anna creates installations and pieces that invite participation, exploration and some reflection.

View 'Rugas da História; Fendas na Paisagem' here

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