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Our Future Heritage


Project Introduction:

Whilst in residence in Newcastle, UK, Mónica Rikić visited Vindolanda, one of the Roman forts that punctuates Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland, taking inspiration from the Roman writing tablets, first excavated on site in 1973.


For the past few years, Mónica has been immersed in research and art projects around technology. Mónica uses imaginative processes to explore techno-scientific challenges presented in today’s societies. She is particularly interested in technodiversity and the urgent need for the decolonisation of technology.


How will the past exist in a post-human future?


Reflecting on Mónica’s research and development of different pieces of electronic art, ‘Our Future Heritage’ speculates on possible technological identities embodied in conscious robots.


Our Future Heritage was created during an artist residency between October - November 2021 at the D6: Culture in Transit studios with Marcio Carvalho (Portugal), Dimitris Chimonas (Cyprus) and Mónica Rikić (UK). D6, the lead partner on the CONTESTED DESIRES programme, is based in Newcastle, UK. The residency followed the CONTESTED DESIRES UK Assembly, a capacity building event exploring the role of arts, culture and heritage in defining who we are and interrogating the ways national identities are crafted in the context of colonialism. 

Biography: Mónica Rikić is a new media artist from Barcelona. Her practice focuses on code, electronics and analogue objects to create interactive works framed as experimental games. Her interest lies in the social impact of technology, human-machine coexistence and the re-appropriation of technological systems and devices. Rikić has been awarded with the Catalan National Culture Award 2021 and has participated in many international arts and new media festivals.

View Our Future Heritage  here:

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